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How to Conduct a Formal Business Meeting

February 16, 2012

One of America’s biggest fears is public speaking. Honestly, it is one of mine as well. However, if I have a plan in mind, then I am less fearful. When conducting a business meeting, do not let the fear of running or speaking at the meeting lead to an ineffective and unorganized meeting. The tips below are strategies that can lead to a successful business meeting.

  • Give 48 hours notice of a meeting to be scheduled (either by email or memorandum). See examples of meeting announcements below.
  • Include an agenda with the initial notice of the meeting. See example of agenda below.
  • Pass out a hard copy of the agenda at the meeting.
  • Begin and end on time.
  • Conduct the meeting with positive authority. Be direct with your language and ideas.
  • Encourage active participation.
  • Prohibit side chatter and insulting comments from the meeting participants.
  • Leave time at the end for a quick question and answer session.
  • Immediately after the meeting has ended, summarize the meeting and actions agreed upon in an email.

By following these simple yet effective steps, your meeting will run smoothly. The key is to keep the focus in the room on the task at hand. A concise meeting and agenda is the most effective. It prevents distractions, and it avoids confusion due to a lengthy and drawn-out topic of discussion.


Meeting Notice Picture:

Meeting Agenda Picture:

Successful Meeting Picture:


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